GOAL sells A320 for disassembly and dismantling to AELS

GOAL sells A320 for disassembly and dismantling to AELS

GOAL German Operating Aircraft Leasing GmbH & Co. KG (GOAL) sold today one Airbus A320 to Aircraft End-of-Life Solutions (AELS) who has teamed up with engine partner AeroDirect Inc., USA. The aircraft was been delivered today and will now be disassembled and dismantled at AELS’s facility at Woensdrecht airport.

The Airbus A320-211 (MSN 258) had its first flight in 1991 and was first operated by Sudan Airways under Airbus ownership. After four years of operation the aircraft was transferred to Croatia Airlines with registration 9A-CTF. Now, after 22 years the aircraft will receive a happy ending as it is sold to AELS.

After landing at Woensdrecht Airport, the Netherlands, the aircraft is now processed at AELS’s facility where the engines will be removed first for AeroDirect. The disassembly will be performed according to the AFRA accreditation for disassembly, the dismantling of the remaining airframe according to AFRA’s aircraft material recycling accreditation and the component handling will be according to the ASA-100 Standard.

GOAL is a joint venture of KGAL GmbH & Co. KG, one of Germany’s top investment companies and a high-ranking player in the world of structured asset finance and investment participation, and Deutsche Lufthansa AG, one of the world’s premier carriers. GOAL currently owns and manages about 50 aircraft. It has a broad experience in its core business of operating leasing, technical asset management and aircraft remarketing and has proven its professional know-how since its foundation in 1998. For more information see its website at www.goal-leasing.de

AELS (www.aels.nl) is located in the Netherlands and develops and executes end-of-life strategies. AELS provided sustainable and green solutions to high profile clients, such as KLM, NATO, and TNT. The total end-of-life solution package consists of three services. These services are provided to different clients, who can be aircraft owners (airlines, lessors, traders), aviation manufacturers and MRO companies. AELS has already processed 40 aircraft for clients. This A320 will be the 4th fully owned airframe to be disassembled and dismantled by AELS.


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